Building information

in a single pane of

Our serverless cloud native Building Operating System (BOS) solution, is an open platform that utilizes advanced analytics, to provide insights for cost savings and decision making, via interfaces that are unique to the users role within the building.


One software for everything

You don’t need numerous apps to monitor each of your systems. Greenole’s solution makes it easy to integrate the vital and necessary data from all your industrial and IoT systems in a single pane!

Costumize what you see

Our software adapts to you, not the other way around. The user is the “center of the universe” and has the ability to determine what they see, when and how depending on their role. This bespoke user experience increases productivity, and has the flexibility to provide enhanced data insights that are relevant to the user needs. It also improves collaboration and communication between multiple users of the building data.

Efficient resource utilization

Say goodbye to manual processes and multiple low skilled operators. Say hello to increased efficiency and optimization opportunities!

How does Greenole impact your building management?


Our flagship solution, Serverless BOS, revolutionizes building management. It allows infinite scalability without the need for a local server, hefty investments, or substantial infrastructure, saving valuable space and resources in your building.

Money saving

By utilizing the advanced analytics and intuitive dashboards of Greenole, building owners can unlock hidden opportunities for cost savings.

Net Zero

By harnessing the potential of smart buildings, we contribute to a more efficient and environmentally friendly world.


Receiving notifications from your building's IoT equipment, empowers you to proactively manage and optimize your facility, leading to improved operational efficiency, enhanced security, cost savings, and data-driven decision-making.

Cutting-edge technology

Adopting next-generation technology to manage your building information enables you improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance occupant comfort, and build a sustainable and optimized building environment that can scale and adapt to your changing needs.


Serverless BOS

In summary, Greenole’s Serverless BOS offers businesses simplified infrastructure management, cost optimization, agility, scalability, reduced development and deployment time, integration capabilities, and reliable infrastructure. These benefits empower businesses to focus on their core competencies, rapidly scale their applications, and deliver high-quality services to their customers.

Did you know Greenole is the cutting-edge software for building management?



Examples of application

Serverless technologies can be applied to buildings of all types, from homes and offices to datacenters and airports. By leveraging cloud-based computing services, building managers and occupants can improve efficiency, scalability, and security while reducing costs and environmental impact.

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Provide real-time information to building occupants and optimize traffic flow.

Control rooms

Provide control of all building systems in a single pane of glass.

Shopping malls

Have a comprehensive view of building operations in one single pane of glass.

Commercial buildings

Enable easy-to-access control of building systems.

Data centers

Enhance security measures to protect your data.

Retail stores

Monitoring people and their behaviors aids in enhancing the user experience.


Ensure high quality customer experience and manage energy consumption effectively.


Provide a comfortable and safe environment for building occupants.


Track energy usage and identify opportunities for energy efficiency.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. [Source: Oracle]

IoT edges can be used to enhance security and privacy, by performing data encryption and decryption, and limiting data exposure to the network.

In summary, while traditional building automation relies on local physical infrastructure and cables to connect devices, IoT utilizes intelligent devices with wireless connectivity directly to the cloud, providing a more flexible, scalable, and affordable solution.

The Greenole sensors and gateways only require a power source. Their connection to the cloud is established through Wi-Fi or GSM signal.

In any type of database, Greenole has the capability to apply algorithms to generate performance insights and predictions, such as failures, consumption, and more.

In energy, water, gas, and other consumption meters, we can predict the final consumption for periods of time. For various machines, we can predict failures to anticipate maintenance events. In air quality sensors, reservoir level sensors, and others, we can indicate critical points that require the attention of managers and maintenance. With people counting sensors, we can predict occupancy or flow in a specific environment. And many other applications are possible.

Through the analysis of historical data and future projections, Greenole provides insights to improve asset utilization, increase machine lifespan, and reduce unplanned downtime. It also assists in decision-making for maintenance planning and resource allocation. Additionally, Greenole predicts and provides alerts for consumption levels of energy, water, gas, sanitary supplies, and other resources.

Integrations with your maintenance management system are achieved through the exchange of standardized data packets, enabling the flow of information between the Greenole system and any market software with open API capabilities. This includes maintenance management systems, operations systems, ticketing systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and more. By leveraging open APIs, Greenole can seamlessly integrate with your existing management systems, facilitating the exchange of data and streamlining workflows between the two platforms.

Integration with your BMS (Building Management System) is achieved through Greenole’s proprietary gateways. These gateways enable connectivity to networks using popular open protocols in the market, such as BACnet, Modbus, and SNMP. This allows seamless integration and communication between Greenole’s solution and your existing BMS system.