About Us

Greenole was created by experienced professionals in the field of building automation.

We took a clean sheet approach on existing building software, available software architecture and frameworks, to design an open, easy to use software platform, that connects people and buildings.

The need to integrate numerous systems, hardware, and software, into a single platform that aggregates data and generates greater value for customers was the beginning of Greenole. We utilize intelligent algorithms to analyse and provide insightful actions, revolutionizing the way managers and users interact with their buildings.

We are focused on providing the following solutions: control and optimization of enterprise performance via a single pane of glass; using advanced analytics to monitor the health of assets; and improving the user experience at all levels.

Through the use of high-tech IoT sensors, communication gateways, APIs, intuitive dashboards, and intelligent algorithms, we collect and aggregate diverse information to give real and useful meaning to the data, generating insights, various predictions, and value to our clients.

Meet our Team

Flávio Magtaz

Brazil Head Leader

Lenny Joseph

United States Head Leader

Lucas Lassance

Chief Technology Officer

Lucas Storch

FrontEnd Tech Leader

Tarsila Ferrarotto

Marketing Leader

Vinicius Nascimento

Data Scientist